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One of the biggest pleasures in living in or visiting foreign lands is the experience of local and regional gastronomy. Eating out or cooking at home is always an adventure and ExpatsRadio is proud to present regular and exciting programmes about the culinary delights of different regions of Europe and beyond – brought to you by some of the best-known and best-respected names in the world of delicious food and fine wine.
Soup always acceptable
After the Xmas feed why not use up your leftovers to make a delicious soup and save money?
Make your Christmas presents
Erika Pepe joins us again to discuss what we could use from our garden now that the season is over. She tells us that cuttings and berries can be turned into lovely personal gifts and even the humble hawthorn berries can provide us with a heart boosting mix.
Easy to make bread sauce
Delicious sauces as an accompaniment to your turkey and sweet menu which are easy to make
Fruit mincemeat for Xmas pudding
Heather's wonderful 3 in 1 fruit mincemeat recipe
Super Chrisymas cake recipe
It is that time of year again when we really should be thinking of making a Christmas cake.
Recipe for goats cheese and squash
Following the sad news that Penny's recipes is to close, we bring you Goat's cheese with squash used in this recipe to make a superb flavourful tart
Braised peaches with almonds
Braised peaches with pork and almond filling and a glass of Muscat in this delicious Spanish recipe
Cooking with Jean-Christophe
Star chef Jean-Christophe Novelli tells us all about his arrival in the UK. Part two very soon.
A jacket potato is always delicious
From our archive: Potatoes have been our favourite food for 8 thousand years. Sarah Jamieson, a New Zealander living in Amsterdam at the time of this programme, presents her first piece from an expats perspective for Expatsradio.com
Pasta recipes to make your mouth water!
Heather's easy and tasty recipes for pasta part 1
Bread recipe to make at home
Two fabulous homemade bread recipes
BBQ your veg
Enjoy the sunshine and a great BBQ meal

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