'The Last Word'

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Hip hop legend Gil

'The Last Word'


Soon it will be Christmas, but DJ Sampo will find himself out of work – another victim of the Great Recession. His penultimate show is a special extended one, inspired by a weakness for the spoken word in music: from the talking blues of Lightnin' Hopkins and the street poetry of Gil Scott-Heron to the hip-hop he helped to create, a few novelty records and some utterly unclassifiable oddities by the likes of Sun Ra and Streamer. Oh and don't forget to brush up on your German for an extract like you've never heard before from Allen Ginsberg's 'America'. Two tracks for each of the 12 days of Christmas. Ding dong merrily on high!


Intro: Dolapdere Big Gang – ‘Smoke on the Water'

Track 1: Slim Gaillard – 'Travellin' Blues'

Track 2: Lightnin' Hopkins – 'Black cat blues'

Track 3: Gil Scott-Heron – 'King Alfred Plan'

Track 4: Moondog – 'Stamping ground'

Track 5: Emil Mangelsdorff Quartet – 'Garbanzos'

Track 6: Sun Ra – 'I am an instrument'

Track 7: Jac Berrocal & Vince Taylor – 'Rock n' Roll station'

Track 8: Buckshot La Fonque – 'Caged bird'

Track 9: Linton Kwesi Johnston – 'Di great insoreckshan'

Track 10: Us3 – 'Crusin''

Track 11: Dream Warriors – 'I've lost my ignorance'

Track 12: Chic – 'Something you can feel'

Track 13: A Tribe Called Quest – 'Bonita Applebum'

Track 14: Morcheeba – 'Women lose weight'

Track 15: Ray Bryant Combo – 'The Madison time'

Track 16: Kormac – 'Scratch marchin''

Track 17: Streamer (feat Private Thoughts in Public Places) – 'Start button'

Track 18: Tumi & The Volume – 'Johnny Dyani'

Track 19: Robert Aaron (with Anthony Joseph) – 'The saddest kiss'

Track 20: Positive Black Soul – 'Degloul'

Track 21: Poncho Kingz – 'Cold lampin''

Track 22: Spearhead – 'Positive'

Track 23: Digable Planets – 'Flyin' high in the Brooklyn sky'

Track 24: Lord Buckley – 'His Majesty the policeman'



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