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End of an era
That's it! Expatsradio is closing but you can still listen in to your old favourite programmes from the archive until the end of 2017. Many thanks to those of you who have fithfully logged int to our programmes over the last 11 years. We are most grateful.
We have also had some people contacting us to suggest they might like to take over the name and continue broadcasting. To that end the editorial team have put together this short piece:
One of the world’s most popular and established providers of news, entertainment and vital information for English-speaking expats is looking to attract a passionate and entrepreneurial new owner who will be committed to continuing the truly professional and essential service which it has been providing for the past decade.
Because of retirement due to family health priorities, the founders and creators of  EXPATSRADIO very regrettably feel that they can no longer devote the time and fervour required to keep the business at the top of the expat entertainment league and are now open to approaches by those who are not only passionate about expat life, but also recognise a unique and potentially lucrative business.
Although ExpatsRadio attracts followers from all over the world – from Japan to Abu Dhabi and Australia to Mexico – its main core of listeners and contributors reside in the expat hotspots of Europe, providing an exceptional sponsorship and advertising opportunity for companies trying to reach this niche and exclusive market.  ExpatsRadio also caters for “wannabe” expats currently living in the UK... another potentially lucrative market for advertisers.
The current owners would ensure a smooth and uninterrupted transition and would provide all the help and guidance necessary to ensure that ExpatsRadio successfully and profitably continued to lead the way in the English-speaking expats market.
For initial discussions, contact: peter@expatsradio.com



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Expats radio was started at the end of 2005 as a small test website to see if anybody would actually be interested in talking to us or listening to what we had to say. The answer? A resounding yes! Since then through a number of exciting developments and collaborations we have become even better. Read more

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