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We all like a good yarn told to us, whether it’s funny, fact, sad or fiction. That’s why ExpatsRadio provides listeners with a variety of text and audio stories to read or listen to. And more often than not, the stories themselves are totally relevant to the lives and lifestyles of ExpatsRadio followers, and read by the celebrity authors and story-tellers themselves – many of whom have become great friends to us over the years. Click below and lose yourself in our latest ripping yarn…
Writing for fun
Jany Graef speaks to us again on the subject of the new anthology which has just come out for 2012. It is produced by a group of mixed professional and amateur writers who club together as Writers Abroad. This year the theme chosen is Foreign Encounters and all funds go to provide books for children
A quiet Breton life
Another reading by George East from his book, French Impressions Brittany. We think this would be an ideal Christmas present for those of your family who are keen francophiles. This time he reads about British Bretons, standing men and black cats.
Detective and writer from the south coast
Detective writer spills the beans on her new books and e-book publishing
Flea mill
Story about dog walking in France or rather, some of the peculiar habits of expats through French eyes.
Dinner at a restaurant is never uneventful!
Living in France has many problems but restaurants are not your first thought
Kitchens bathromms and bedrooms are important when buying a house abroad
The final part of finding a house in Normandy and the compromis de vente
Fashion from Pakistan that leads the world
Top fashion for the rich, stars and the movies produced in Pakistan
Buying your semi-detached house
Normandy gem morning story about searching for a house in France
Trevor Morris book cover
Trevor Morris on the downsides of building in France
Tasting Calvados on the farm
Searching for a gem of a home in Normandy part 1
Bride riding stallion after wedding
Morning story about a wedding that did not go to plan

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